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You can make money from your Instagram

Do you have a new house journey account or love sharing your cleaning hacks? You could make money from your already existing account just for posting. Follow these steps to get started. 

This guide is directed to those with house accounts but could be used for others!

Make your links work for you.

Some social media accounts such as Instagram only let you publish one link on your profile, this makes it difficult to direct your followers to the right place. Using linktrees in this link space can help you to link to multiple places. The shared gallery on this website enables you to upload your own image and put links into the description.


Sign up to some affiliate programmes

You need some affiliate links for your followers to follow. There are various different programmes out there but here are a few to get you started.

  1. Stylink - This is a programme that pays per click. With some big brands to choose from you are bound to have bought something from them. (Very, Made, H&M, ASOS) This also means that your click doesn't have to generate a click for you to get paid, this has a low minimum cash out of just £25. Click HERE to sign up.

  2. Brandreward - This is an international site with a large range of brands (B&Q, Furniture Village, The Range, Dulux) The commission varies from retailer to retailer. Click HERE to sign up


Upload to the Shared Gallery on the New Build Inspiration Website

By uploading your Instagram image to the Shared Gallery you can add your affiliate links to the description for your followers to follow. Then use the three dots to copy and share the link to your Instagram profile or linktree. Any images uploaded here I will also upload to my Pinterest with over 100K views per month.


Get featured on a blog

Getting featured on a blog, such as my own, is a great way to get exposure. 


Enjoy the extra cash you've made

You could use the extra cash to purchase items such as decor or home improvement. Post these items or hauls on Instagram and link them back to the retailer for more link clicks again!

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