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@abbyanddom | Lovell Lansdown

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

House Builder - Lovell

House Model - Lansdown

Year Moved In - 2021

Bio - Our second new build home after we loved our first so much. Moved to a home with our dream layout, kitchen-diner with french doors, en-suit for master bedroom, south facing garden.


Editors Note - The owners only moved in this year but have already started to put their mark on their new build home. The downstairs layout has been designed well with a good size open plan kitchen diner. There are plenty of storage areas and three bedrooms. Their account shows as they are starting to upgrade and add pieces to upgrade their home, such as the amazing mirror in the kitchen!


Kitchen Diner

  • Table - B&M

  • Side Unit - Amazon

  • Mirror - Jysk

  • Worktops - Choices Alaska

  • Kitchen Cupboards - Choices Woodbury

  • Kettle - Swan



Entrance to stairs with site unit, orchid and stems

Spare room


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