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Christmas Trends - Traditional

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

We all love Christmas traditions and this is especially true around this time of year! We all have our personal and family traditions. Whether it's what vegetables with have with our Christmas dinner or when we open presents - before or after lunch.

When looking at Christmas trends the traditional look as always very popular. This guide looks the traditional elements of Christmas and how you can incorporate these into your Christmas decor!

Vintage baubles

Baubles have been decorating trees for hundreds of year, even dating back to the 16th Century. Baubles have been traditionally made out of glass and more recently have become plastic to prevent breakages.

Over the year they've taken many different forms and shapes from ovals to spheres.

The egg shapped bauble is from Fortnum and Mason and the concave Traditional Bauble is from Cox and Cox.


Traditional Victorian Christmas trees used candles to light them - something that seems a strange thing to do today. Strapping candles to a flammable tree doesn't the best thing to do. There have been modern takes on this tradition, for example string lights and clip on decorations.

The candle decoration pictured is from Fortnum and Mason and string lights are from Cox & Cox.


Bells are the most well known for being on on the sleigh of Santa and the reindeers. The history of this is that is a pagan tradition that the noise would ward off evil spirits.

They are so versatile and can be hung as a single bell or bunched together to create a bigger decoration. Bigger bells can be put into a wreath creating a different look for a door and small bells can create a smaller decoration such as a napkin holder. Items pictured are from Cox and Cox.


Nutcrackers originate from Germany and first appeared in the 17th Century. They were given as gifts and are a symbol of good luck. The Nutcrackers became more popular with the ballet by Tchaikovsky. They are widely used in modern times as Christmas decorations and are more mass produce. You could place a larger nutcracker on a fireplace or smaller in a shelf. There is a range of different nutcracker decorations that are not the traditional nutcracker such as wreaths and hanging decorations.

To keep true with traditional you could source a handmade nutcracker made from wood. The one pictured is from Etsy.

What are your favourite Christmas traditions? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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