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Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths have always been a staple decoration at Christmas but in recent times we have seen wreaths being more creative and also branching out into different seasons and holidays. Wreaths are traditionally made from evergreen branches with the addition of berries. Wreaths are now being made from lots of different materials included Christmas baubles or pampas grasses.

Historically wreaths were put up during the first Sunday of advent and placed on tables with candles instead of hung.

Christmas wreaths can be made by hand, you could choose to attend a wreath making workshop. A workshop will give you all the materials you need and you'll come away with a wreath you will be proud to hang with it being made by your own hand. Alternatively you could use a wreath guide or video to help you create one.

If you choose to buy a wreath there are lots of different styles to choose from, you might choose one that fits in with the Christmas theme that you are going with such as Scandi or Traditional.

Narrowing down the wreaths I wanted to include in the blog wasn't easy with so many good wreaths out there to buy.

This nutcracker wreath takes the traditional nutcracker and uses it as a centre piece along with a bow. Made from faux foliage it means you can use it again year on year! This one is from Wonder and Whimsy on Etsy, I love Etsy as a market place as you can find some really good handmade pieces and even request bespoke items. This can mean you have a Christmas wreath that no one else will have! Make sure you check out the seller to make sure that they are selling handmade and not just reselling items.

Another Etsy find I found was from Woods and Willow. From when I saw these wreaths I was amazed! Incredibly presented one of these is definitely on my wish list. This wreath is more traditional using snow berries to decorate.

The next wreath is made from all feathers. This creates a different look from the traditional foliage wreath. You could pair these with other feather decorations such as baubles or tinsel.

This wreath is from The White Company

If you wish to light you wreaths I would recommend micro LED lights either battery or mains wired. These are perfect for lighting wreaths and garlands as they more discreet than traditional string lights.

By choosing to light you wreath separately you have more freedom with it. For example if the light stop working and you won't have to replace the whole wreath just the lights. This is good if you have invested in a expensive wreath.

Another material I've not seen on a wreath is coral, excuse the play on words coral "wreath". Of course this wreath from Cox and Cox is created from faux coral and it is intricately detailed and looks very real!

With the increasing trend of eucalyptus it wouldn't be a trends guide without a eucalyptus wreath. This pair of lit wreaths from Cox and Cox are a perfect minimalist wreath choice. These use the micro LEDs mentioned earlier.

Which is your favourite wreath? Are there any material you use that haven't been mentioned here? Let me know in the comments. Share with a friend who you think will love these wreaths!

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