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Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Renovation - 1930's Bungalow into a Cottage Style home

Year Moved In - 2016


Editors note - The renovation of this house is beautiful with a cottage in the country feel. It has been fully renovated, the old has been stripped out and replaced with a clean and fresh interior. There is a beautiful country garden out the front. As you peer through the lavender there is a front door that is custom oak with traditional clay roof tiles.


Before and After Photos:


The whole layout of this kitchen has changed, the move of the kitchen island creates a bigger space. The window has been made larger at the end resulting in a might brighter room. The hanging lights creates a line through the kitchen drawing your eye through the kitchen.

Living Room

The country theme has been taken through to the lounge, using the same colour cabinets. They’ve added a log burner which is more efficient and adds to the country look. The exposed bricks and addition of wood creates a good look.


The freestanding bath is definitely the stand out feature in this bath room. They’ve taken a dark room with sloped ceilings and have turned it into a bright and light but still cosy room.


Although a small room in the house, the toilet has been updated to a high standard. The basin has a wooden stand which continues that’s country cottage feel even in this room.

The accessories such as the wicker basket and candle really finish of the look.


The outside of the home has been totally transformed. Adding and extra floor and dormer windows has made use of the potential the property had before renovations. The porch creates an inviting look that splits up the uniformity of the front of the house.

What did you think of this renovation? Let me know in the comments and share with someone you think might like this home!

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