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Lalita - @bee_homeinspired | Taylor Wimpey Portrush

House Builder - Taylor Wimpey

House Model - Portrush

Moved In - 2021


Bio - It’s a family home with plenty of pets too.

We love the space, also how light it is and our favourite part is the hallway


Editors Note - This home is highly finished from top to bottom. The home throughout has a nordic/scandi theme. As you enter the home you are greeted with a big open hallway, this space is light with a central staircase. The is a calming chilled corner here too with a chair and lamp. We can see why the owners love this space so much. The kitchen is also a diner and family space. This kitchen has been finished to a high standard with attentive details such as replacements to the door handles. This area joins a utility room which is perfect for its purpose even with a pull-out clothes area, this is a home organiser's dream! The bedroom is cosy with space for chairs that match that in the hallway. With a large bed and headboard, this is giving me luxury hotel vibes! The living room is bright and spacious, and the contrasting armchair gives this room depth that coordinates with the lamp and other accessories.


Utility Room


Living Room








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