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Updated: Nov 24, 2021

House Builder - Avant

House Model - Sudbury

Year Moved In -

Bio - Two twenty somethings trying to make our new build Avant Homes house, into a home.


Editors Note - Each room in this home has a different theme and colour scheme, this gives the house so much character. The living room is stylish with sofas that give it a pop of colour. The kitchen is clean and crisp with a seamless finish which opens out into the spacious living room which then looks out into the garden.




Living Room

  • Sofa - Made

  • Floor - Moduleo

  • Plants - B&Q

  • Lights - Made

  • Curtains - Marathon Blinds

  • TV Unit - Dwell



  • Table - Dwell

  • Lights - Made

  • Flooring - Moduleo

  • Kettle - Brita

  • Coffee Machine - Nespresso


Guest Room

  • Cushions - Next

  • Lamp - Next

  • Side Unit - Ikea


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