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The Leyland's - @ourhaconbyhome | Towngate Developments

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

House builder: Towngate Developments

Year Moved In: 2021

Bio:Transforming our dream new build house into a family home in the countryside.

Decorating addict, working mum, lover of white wine & weekends!

The unique home was built by a small, local builder along with 3 others on the same plot along with the renovation of the original house.

It’s the perfect, open plan layout for a family. It’s eco-friendly, built with efficiency in mind. It has no gas, powered by air source heat pump with underfloor heating throughout.





  • Wall paint - Lick Black01

  • Bath Caddy - Severn Orchard Designs

  • Artwork - Desenio

  • Hamper - Fortnum&Mason


Children's Bedroom





  • Table and benches - Storm Interior

  • Chair -

  • Wall frames - Ikea

  • Kitchen - leichkuechen

  • Bar Chairs - Amazon

  • Sink - Insinkerator

  • Ovens - Neff



  • Climbing frame and swings -Dunster House Ltd


Floor Plan

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