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How to decorate for Halloween!

The nights are starting to draw in and Halloween is getting closer and you want to create the perfect cosy atmosphere for the 31st!

I find felt crafted items look great and they create that cosy feel that we crave in autumn.

Felted pumpkins put together with some acorns, which you could collect from around your local woodland area if you're working to a budget!

Style these by placing on a tray on a coffee table or scatter across a window sill or fireplace.

These super cute felted pumpkins are from MillLaneFelting on Etsy.

The colours of autumn are one of the things I love about autumn. When styling think about a colour pallet and pick items to match.

Example Colour Pallet

In my opinion wreaths and garlands are perfect decor items all year around. If you enjoy crafts then making your own can be really rewarding, whether you use real or fake foliage. Switch up your materials to create more depth! You can pick up some great materials from Hobbycraft or other craft shops. The one pictured is from Amazon.

As it gets darker candles are the perfect addition to finish off your halloween look! Whether you place a pillar candle in a lantern or buy a pumpkin shaped candles. The one pictured is from Kikobay on Etsy.


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