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@ourhome_mystyle | Taylor Wimpey Balfour

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

House Builder - Taylor Wimpey

House Model - Balfour

Year Moved In - 2017

Bio: Ourhome_mystyle is a reflection of our home transformation one project at a time (sometimes two or three) I live and breath Interior Design at home and at work where I design other people's homes or business for a living. I can happily say I love my Job and feel so lucky.

I live with my husband Gary and daughter Bella who always challenge me to develop our home for our ever changing needs and desires. I love how powerful interior design can be in making life easier from day to day tasks to how you feel within a space, and your home should always be a reflection of yourself.

My favourite room within our home at the moment is my bedroom. We updated this space from being quite a dark room to a light a airy room. I also wanted to add more natural materials and plants in here too. This has become our chill out space.

No matter how big or small our projects are I love them all and hope you continue to love them too. ❤



  • Eucalyptus pot - Chickidee

  • Throw - H&M

  • Tray - Ikea

  • Lamp - Asda

  • Panelling - B&Q

  • Chest of Drawers - Ikea

  • Lamp shade -

  • Rug - TKMaxx

  • Mirror - Asda

  • Jar - Ikea



  • Large plant - Matalan

  • Small Plant - Sainsbury's

  • Throw - H&M

  • Sofa - French Connection DFS

  • Cushions - Ikea

  • Rug - Matalan



  • Stair runner - Tapi carpets and floors

  • Prints and frames - Desenio, More than designs, Poster store, Ikea

  • Big plant - Dunelm

  • Small Plant - Matalan



  • Garden furniture - Argos

  • Plant point right - Dunelm

  • Vine trellis - The Range


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