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5 Large Lanterns You Didn't Realise You Needed

Black Fireplace Lantern


Luxury Choice

The White Company: Shop Here!

This lantern is made from steel and hand soldered. With an easy access hing door and mirrored base to react light.

44cm high.

Norr Metal Lantern


Cotswold Co.: Shop Here!

Completely made of metal with a black finish. This lantern is the perfect size for your pillar candle.

30.5cm high.

Large Copper Finish Lantern


Value For Money Choice

The Range: Shop Here!

Made with stainless steel with a copper finish. This lantern is perfect for a candle or even fairy lights.

41cm high.

Large Gold Metal Candle Holder


H&M: Shop Here!

This lantern is slightly different as it is without a top. It is available in both gold and black!

30cm high.

Handmade Black and Gold Lantern


Handmade Choice

Etsy: Shop Here!

This handmade lantern has a wooden base with metal frame and glass. These lanterns are available in three different sizes!

37.5cm high (small)

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