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5 Large Lanterns You Didn't Realise You Needed

Black Fireplace Lantern


Luxury Choice

This lantern is made from steel and hand soldered. With an easy access hing door and mirrored base to react light.

44cm high.

Norr Metal Lantern


Completely made of metal with a black finish. This lantern is the perfect size for your pillar candle.

30.5cm high.

Large Copper Finish Lantern


Value For Money Choice

Made with stainless steel with a copper finish. This lantern is perfect for a candle or even fairy lights.

41cm high.

Large Gold Metal Candle Holder


This lantern is slightly different as it is without a top. It is available in both gold and black!

30cm high.

Handmade Black and Gold Lantern


Handmade Choice

This handmade lantern has a wooden base with metal frame and glass. These lanterns are available in three different sizes!

37.5cm high (small)

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