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Gift and Home Guide for Gardeners

We often love to get gifts for our loved ones and friends that we know that they will love. We know what their hobbies are but sometimes this makes it more difficult. It seems they have what they need for their hobby or it's difficult to know what they would like to get. Some of us can be really tricky with our hobbies from the brand of equipment we like to use to the quality or material it is built out of.

This guide puts together some ideas of what you can get your gardening friend or even treat yourself!

  1. Glass Terrarium with a telescopic shovel and rake, and instructions | £48.99 | Shop here (Search SKU: U001063568)

  2. The Growable Calendar - A calendar you can actually plant! | £21.95 | Shop here

  3. Garden Tools Bunting | £16.99 | Shop here

  4. String tidy | £16 | Shop here

  5. Vegetable/Plant Labels | £3.50 | Shop here

  6. Seed tin | £22.99 | Shop here

  7. RHS Membership (includes a subscription to the magazine, RHS tote bag, a £5 voucher to spend at RHS Gardens and two packets of seed) | £69 | Shop Here

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