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Halloween Decor for the Home

I wrote a bit last year about how to decorate your home for Halloween so this year decided to do an update. I gave some nice decor ideas and colour schemes that you could use.

This year I have curated a collection of Halloween items for your home!

Halloween is a wonderful time of year for both children and adults alike, as it brings back fond memories of watching horror movies and carving pumpkins with your best friends. If you're not looking for a pre-made decoration, consider carving out a pumpkin and using it as a planter. You can find many different decorations to supplement your spooky ambience, here are 11 home decor ideas:

  1. Ceramic pumpkin - £30.95 - Shop Here

  2. Pumpkin Garland - £14.95 - Shop Here

  3. Personalised Pumpkin - £5.50 - Shop Here

  4. Pumpkin Planter - DIY, resources can be purchased at a local supermarket

  5. Crochet Pumpkin - £5.50+ - Shop Here

  6. Ghost Tufted Halloween Duvet Cover - £29.42 - Shop Here

  7. Hanging Cauldron Oil Burner - £10.99 - Shop Here

  8. Pumpkin Crochet Coasters - £2+ - Shop Here

  9. Soy Wax Pumpkin Candles - £5.95+ - Shop Here

  10. Pink Mini Felt Pumpkin Magnet - £3+ - Shop Here

  11. Ghost Garland - £10.50 - Shop Here

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