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Beautiful Minimal Tableware Sets

One of the noblest and most contemplative practices in life is simply to sit with someone and enjoy a meal. As humans, we love to spend time and one of our major pastimes is to share a meal with others.

It is important to have a good tableware set, I have put together a collection of minimal but beautiful sets for you to enjoy. The dining sets will not detract from the beautiful food you make and provide a frame for your food!

  1. Gloss white hammer texture plate - £15+ - Shop Here

  2. 6-Piece Plate Leaf Pattern Ceramic Plate - £152.86 - Shop Here

  3. Kumla Recycled Clay Plate - £16.00 - Shop Here

  4. Stoneware Ceramic Tableware - £268.24+ - Shop Here

  5. Ceramic Teacup - £20.12 - Shop Here

  6. Ivory Stoneware Dinning Set - £137.65+ - Shop Here

  7. Japanese style Stone Grey Tableware Set - £18.68+ - Shop Here

  8. Scandinavian Design Tableware - £18.68+ - Shop Here

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