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7 Throws and Blankets You'll Love!

1. Big Blanket Co - Premier Plush™ Blanket in Stone

£180 (at time of writing)

Biggest Blanket Choice

At a massive 10 x 10 foot this is a blanket you won't mind sharing, although you cannot be blamed for keeping it all to yourself.

It also fits completely in the washing machine!

2. Blanket Hoodie from IWOOT


Wearable Blanket Choice

This blanket hoodie has a sherpa inside for ultimate comfort. The perfect winter warmer for at home or on the go!

3. Linen Works - Pale Grey Fringe Linen Throw


At 100% linen this throw is the perfect addition to a bed. Whether you are using it as bed runner or blanket it has a classic look to fit in any room.

4. Simba - Orbittm Weighted Blanket


This blanket is filled with nano beads creating an evenly distributed weight to help you sleep and reduce anxiety.

5. - Mirny Boucle Throw


This boucle throw gives us complete cosy feel. Perfect for those sunday lie ins.

6. Cotswold Co - Herringbone Grey Lambswool Throw


Local Choice

This throw is 100% merino wool, also made in the UK if you prefer to shop local.

7. Bohemia - Tassel Pom Pom Blanket in White and Black


Ethical Choice

Made in Morocco and 100% handmade.

This is perfect for beds, picnics, sofas and as a blanket

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