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How to store Christmas Decorations

This guide will take you through the different options for storing your Christmas decorations. As you buy new decorations the boxes seem to pile up, or you might be using that Christmas tree box that you've used for the past few years. These boxes are being held together by sticky tape and this year when you tried to bring it down from the loft you ripped another corner and it's time to find another solution to the box that is falling apart!

Putting them away is never as fun as putting them up but these solutions will give you peace of mind to ensure that you decorations are safe. I've already broken one glass bauble this year! Ooops!

This guide will cover solutions for storing different decorations, not just trees. I've included alternatives where I can due to the popularity of these solutions.

Wreath storage:

Red Wreath Storage Bag (Pictured)


Christmas Wreath Bag


Light reel:

Black String Light Storage Reel (Pictured)


Green Light Storage Reel


Tree Storage Bag:

Red Christmas Tree Storage Bag


Green Tree Storage Bag


7ft Storage Bag


Bauble Box

Red Fabric Bauble Storage Box (Pictured)


Plastic Decoration Storage Box with Dividers


Really Useful Bauble Storage Box


Winter Workshop Ornament Chest


Tips for storage

  • Take a photo of your decorations this year, it will help with inspiration and what you want to differently when it comes to next year.

  • Extra wrap delicate baubles and label them, this means you don't need to unwrap every bauble you have to find the one you want.

  • Wrap lights using a reel or I have used folded cardboard, this will stop your lights getting in a big mess and will help them last longer.

  • Think about what you need to buy for next year, what decorations need replacing. You can be on the look out next year or even in the sales.

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