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Our Top Tri-pod Lamp Finds

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Hamptons Matt Black Floor Lamp Base With Shade


Layered Lounge: Shop Here!

Not quite a tripod with 4 legs but this lamp from Layered Lounge is made of Aluminium with a white lampshade.

Setto Tripod Floor Lamp

Sleek Choice


La Redoute: Shop Here!

This tripod lamp is sleek in all black. It has wooden legs and a polycotton shade.

Copper Tripod Lamp

Handmade Choice


Etsy: Shop Here!

This copper lamp is available in three different colours; Black Beige and Grey. This lamp is self assembly and is made in the UK.

Solar Outside Tripod Lamp

Exterior Decor Choice


Cox and Cox: Shop Here!

This tripod lamp can be used inside or outside. It has a solar powered bulb but can also be used on the mains. I also has multiple colour settings.

Camden Tripod Floor Lamp

Value Choice


The Range: Shop Here!

This tripod lamp has a slender look with accented metallic ring joining the legs.

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