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Our Top Tri-pod Lamp Finds

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Hamptons Matt Black Floor Lamp Base With Shade


Not quite a tripod with 4 legs but this lamp from Layered Lounge is made of Aluminium with a white lampshade.

Setto Tripod Floor Lamp

Sleek Choice


This tripod lamp is sleek in all black. It has wooden legs and a polycotton shade.

Copper Tripod Lamp

Handmade Choice


This copper lamp is available in three different colours; Black Beige and Grey. This lamp is self assembly and is made in the UK.

Solar Outside Tripod Lamp

Exterior Decor Choice


This tripod lamp can be used inside or outside. It has a solar powered bulb but can also be used on the mains. I also has multiple colour settings.

Camden Tripod Floor Lamp

Value Choice


This tripod lamp has a slender look with accented metallic ring joining the legs.

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