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Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Hexagon Floating Shelves

from £24.99

JayJacksonFurniture (Etsy): Shop Here!

These handmade wooden shelves can be arranged in anyway to give a honeycomb look. These shelves are stained and then polished with beeswax for a lasting finish.

Ivory Herringbone Flatweave Stair Runner

from £24.00

FTRunners (Etsy): Shop Here!

These hand assembled runners make the perfect addition to a staircase.

Bamboo and Glass Jars


charlierosevintageuk (Etsy) - Shop Here!

These glass jars are perfect for tea, coffee and sugar with beautify designed labels these make a good statement in the kitchen.

Wall Mounted Wire Words


LittleYorshireHome (Etsy) - Shop Here!

This unique wire words ring is decorated with Pampas Grass and Eucalyptus and makes a beautiful feature.

Mini Dried Flower Bunch

from £21.99

Everearthco (Etsy): Shop Here!

With 7 different styles to choose from this mini bunch is perfect for brightening up a corner of the room. This also makes a great gift for birthday's or just to say thank you.

Autumn and Winter Wreath


StyleSparkle (Etsy): Shop Here!

This beautiful wreath is wrapped with hessian and decorated with acorns, pine cones, cinnamons sticks. The autumn colours blend well and is idea for a front door.

Personalised Dog Bowl

from £25.00

TheLittlePotCompany (Etsy): Shop Here!

These bowls are hand thrown, stamped and made from durable clay which is also dishwasher safe.

Velvet Dog Collar

from £19.74

AnnaPawCo (Etsy): Shop Here!

These individual collars are 100% velvet over strong webbing and made with metal hardware this is sure way to spoil your pooch!

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