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What is Boucle? Plus our favourite picks!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Boucle is an absolute massive trend at the moment! Boucle is super soft yarn with hooped or curled ply, it has taken off with the increasing trend in Scandi decor. We are now seeing boucle in a range of different products and this is not just throws and blankets. In this post I picked out some of the boucle picks that I love, this includes chair sofas and ottoman benches. Although you might think that boucle is for winter only it also looks good in the summer if you buy a light colour boucle.

Boucle Blanket/Throw


Eco Boucle Ottoman Bench


Boucle Teddy Chair


White Boucle Chair


Set of 2 Boucle Cushions


Boucle Teddy Sofa


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