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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Home renovation

Year Moved In - 2020

Bio - We moved into our house last September, I live here with my husband 2 children and our dog Doug.

When we moved in every wall was either orange or lime green however we looked past that for the space and quiet location.


Editors Note - This home is a renovation that has been done over a few years, from their profile you can see the before photos of brightly coloured walls from the previous homeowners. Luckily the new owners saw the potential in the property to transform it into the beautiful home it is today. The hallway is welcoming with a console table, bench and rug. The Kitchen is a great family area with a joint kitchen diner with a kitchen island. The living room has been finished to a high standard and owners have used a local carpenter to create a shelving unit which the owners have styled with prints, vases and other objects. One of my favourite pieces in this living room is the large footstool which creates a centre and can also be used to place a tray on.




Living Room






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